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Cucabytech is the official partner of DIGITAL HEALTH PORTUGAL!

Digital Health PORTUGAL is a civil society initiative that congregates guest CXOs from a mix of organizations comprising patient associations, technology providers and the portuguese Ministry of Healthcare.

Cucabytech's mission: "To create and strengthen knowledge among Customers, Technologies and Aspirations with disruptive solutions that aim for an ethical and healthy technological ecosystem".

Within Digital Health Portugal, the role of Cucabytech will focus on identifying and promoting Startups and SMEs belonging to the IT Healthcare ecosystem, boosting national and international networking.

The portuguese eHealth strategy has been referred as exemplary by the WHO since 2015, that culminated with the ENESIS 2020, approved by the Portuguese Government. The renewed strategy ENESIS 2022 aims to create the framework and conditions through which the various actors of the health system can contribute to the evolution of the health information ecosystem, becoming a benchmark of good practices, promoting the benefits of health delivery and resources optimization.

This approach goes beyond the portuguese National Health Service and extends to the entire Health System in alignment with the new National Health Act. The result is a common vision for Health Information Systems and Technology that guides and orients the strategies and initiatives of the various ecosystem actors to progress collaboratively towards common goals.

Digital Health PORTUGALis an initiative started by col.lab | collaboration laboratory in association with Cucabytech.

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